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I'm a dreamer

~~lost in the fairy-tales of my own creation~~

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Birthdate:Nov 16
"I don't invite everyone into my House. If I treated everyone the same then no one would be special".

If you're curious and want to know who i am... well, I'm just a person, with a person's feelings and moodswings who searches for honesty and respect in other people.
I don't add anybody just like that anymore. Because of a drama-history I've gotten careful whom I add. I'm still searching for new friends though so feel free to leave a comment.
If you do feel like leaving a comment on my friends-only post; and we don't know eachother from a mutual friends journal where we chatted a bit, please be so sweet and share the reason 'why' you want to add me. I'm always curious why random people suddenly want to add 'me'.

I'm a person that deeply cares about her friends, cry when they feel bad and go all 'aaaaaawww' from sweet kittie-pics, soft words, hugs and icecream.
Oh and yes, I càn be silly sometimes. Just ignore that. :o)

I like my journal to be a drama-free place where friends can be themselves and have fun.
Interaction is a MUST for me. It can't come from one side alone. So when you see me answering on every entry you make, I do expect some thingies on my entries also. That's how Lj works for me.

I'm re-writing my book 'Yandria' with the intention to finally get it where it needs to be and publish it.
Feel free to look me up on Facebook"Yandria" and join my journey in accomplishing my dream.
I opened up an account about Yandria on Twitter also: Yandria. Ofcourse, tweets are a bit smaller than the updates on Fb.
I have to see for myself how it all develops from here.


credit goes to Coen de Moor for making this drawing of me

To my friends:
Click on the following picture to find yourself in a direct warpzone to more personal info about me.

She who carries female power

Her call to be awakened
It stirrs from deep inside
She honors and embraces
What she chooses to confide

Her weapons serve to ensure
Her loved ones bear protection
We stay close and feel secure
It is a matter of affection

She averts from illusion
Strives to be down-to-earth
Cuts straight through confusion
We know what she is worth

Female fighter, loving mother
Search for her in every nation
For her soul is one like no other
Crazy, real, full of elation

if not shown, host is giving troubles

I asked my friends to describe me.
Here is what they said...
Febr. 2014:

polvodestrella: You're a blast of happiness!
endlessblush: Joyful, Grateful, Fun, Determined, Competitive, Friendly
howlin_wolf_66: Sociable. :-)
smokkee911: definately a comment whore and a sewing machine MACHINE!!! You know how if someone can sing really well people say they could sing the alphabet, meaning they can sing anything?? Well YOU, my friend, can sew the alphabet. Hell, you could sew an entire dictionary!!
gentle_dream: Spontaneous, loyal, warm, cheeky, emotional, loving & open.
thespian15: You are a kind and caring person.
I look forward to getting to know you even better then that. :)

canyoncat: Right now I would describe you as "High on Life!" You are an inspiration!
ellierachael: Funny, free-spirited and a pleasure to talk to :)
meathiel: full of joie de vivre, busy, a good mother, cat lady, a survivor
inner_storm: You are so much:
- inspiring
- strong
- positive
- fighter
- funny
- sweet
- friendly
- warm
- motivating
- encouraging
- caring
- mother
- loving
- creative
- independent
- openminded
- ...


written by donnickcottage for valentine 2010:
You’re of my dearest treasured friends, I hope you know that’s true
I rarely find a day goes by without a thought of you
You’re sweet and loving, brave and fierce, and witty, kind and smart
my love for you and family too, is written on my heart

I bless the day we met sweet Bie, so very long ago
I love that you so love your fries, and even love you sew
I thank you for the window that you’ve offered me to see
what an angel does in Belgium, and what heaven’s world must be

rest in peace my friend ♥♥♥
Oswald. Died april 14th 2009

FO-banner: a drawing from me, made by coen, please do not take without asking
Poem: written by the wonderful and sweet gentle_dream, in my honor.
Pic: The picture of me was taken by L.Demiddele.
The bronze-effect: was added by autumn_sea
glittery name: made by the lovely wickedsway
house-quote in my bio: out of the movie "Out of the Woods" where Edward Asner as Jack Green spoke those words.

Dislikes:34: inconsideration, animal cruelty, arrogance, bad drivers, being egocentric, being tired, cfs, childabuse, constant pain, dishonnesty, disrespect, drugs, fibro, forwards, friends who only pretend to care, gosseping, hypocrisy, intolerance, lack of courtesy, liars, lj-drama, memes, no sense of humor, people who blame the world for their problems, people who don't use turn signals, people who intentionally hurt others, people who wear too much perfume/cologne, popups, rasism, sniffing, spam, spiders, tagging-memes, war


Interests (43):

ardennes, candy, chocolate, clothing, english humor, family, friends, gay, gaypride, good health, happyness, healthy discussions, honesty, jacuzzi, kittiecats, laughing, lesbians, life, lj, love, luxembourgh, monthy python, my hubby, my kids, my work, nature, nice conversations, penpalling, posh hotels, rainbows, reiki, respect, sea, sewing, sillyness, spirituality, surviving, swimming, tattoos, twinsouls, walking, writing, yandria
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